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May 29, 2017

Our favourite Toronto music festival is back for its 5th anniversary this weekend! Stories Behind The Songs has curated FIELD TRIP FAVOURITES 2017 with standout songs by this year’s performers to get you stoked for the festival. From the return of Feist and Broken Social Scene to Hannah Georgas, James Vincent McMorrow and The Pharcyde, this year’s lineup is promising another amazing year.

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May 23, 2017

AUM, the fourth album from Minotaurs, showcases the collaborative essence of the band’s energy. Working alongside Stuart Bogie (Antibalas) and featuring guest vocals from Sarah Harmer as well as songwriting contributions by all eight members of the band, AUM is truly a collective creation. Fronted by bandleader and multi-instrumentalist Nathan Lawr (who has contributed to records and live shows by Feist, Constantines, Bry Webb and more), the Minotaurs sound is a blend of rhythmic afro-folk-psychedelia.

AUM focuses on the inward perspective of the spiritual journey that unfolds during the creative process. “Art may not change anything but it can act as a vessel for an idea, and ensure that certain ideas never die,” says Lawr. “Why do authoritarian regimes destroy the art first? Because they know that it will inspire people to think. And change happens when people start thinking.”

Today, Minotaurs premiere “Black Maria” ahead of AUM‘s release date on Stories Behind The Songs:

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SBTS Interview


May 17, 2017

Australia’s Julia Jacklin decided she wanted to be a singer after watching a Britney Spears documentary when she was 11 years old. Just over a decade later, she found herself recording her debut record Don’t Let The Kids Win, performing at SXSW and announcing a world tour before the record was even released.

Just as comfortable with her band on stage as she is alone with her guitar for a record store performance, Jacklin’s understated sound is not to be underestimated. Something deeply moving happens when the strums of her Fender intwine with the sound of Jacklin’s astonishingly emotive voice. Her use of space and warm guitar tones propel her lyrics into the depths of the heart where nostalgia and loss are stirred into a quietly unnerving awakening. Jacklin’s authenticity and talent as a songwriter leaves a deep impression.

After wrapping up a Canadian Music Week show and an in-store performance for Record Store Day, Julia Jacklin sat down with Stories Behind The Songs in Toronto and shared the story of how her dreams blossomed into reality, her recent battle with self-doubt, and how she’s discovering the shape of her next album.

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SBTS Interview


May 9, 2017

Geoffroy | Photo: Marc-Étienne Mongrain

Geoffroy is an explorer. His music is a kaleidoscopic blend of cultural influences, world music samples and smooth, electronic pulses within a tripped-out haze. Coastline, his newly-released, first full-length album, was inspired by the music and experiences of his travel adventures. His latest music video for “Sleeping On My Own” depicts Geoffroy experiencing a temazcal ceremony in Mexico as a shaman leads him through a spiritual journey. Simultaneously exploring his consciousness and a spectrum of musical styles, Geoffroy has crafted a record that reflects his love of exploration and speaks to his unique artistry.

Coastline captures the essence of Geoffroy’s wanderlust spirit. Documenting the struggle to end his relationship, the album explores the tumultuous dichotomy of wanting both stability and complete independence. Weaving intimate lyrics into vast, emotionally heavy soundscapes, Montréaler Geoffroy is one of the most exciting electronic artists in the Canadian indie music scene. “I’m a big African music fan, Senegalese music fan,” says Geoffroy. “That’s my long-term dream – to do the kind of Paul Simon Graceland record but in my kind of taste.”

Geoffroy sat down with Stories Behind The Songs before his show at Canadian Music Week and talked about the creativity of altered states of consciousness, the inspiration behind the songs on Coastline, and performing the album in front of his ex.

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Current Music


April 20, 2017

There’s something about a record store. The smell of used vinyl, the obscure music played by the staff, the thrill of stumbling upon a long sought-after record, the warm conversation between strangers – it’s a beautiful thing. Those characteristics make record stores the soul of the music community where curiosity, nostalgia and joy are almost tangible. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what you look like, what you do for a living or where you’re from – everyone belongs in a record store.

Each year on Record Store Day, fans, artists and independent record stores all over the world come together to celebrate this unique culture. Conceived 10 years ago by a group of indie record store owners and employees, RSD has grown to become the world’s largest music event. With its exclusive releases, it has helped spark the resurgence of vinyl and has even been declared an official holiday in several cities. During the first Record Store Day, Metallica spent hours meeting their fans at Rasputin Music in San Francisco sparking the tradition of intimate in-store appearances and performances that fans line up for each year.

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