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April 28, 2016

When you find yourself listening to an album from front to back over and over again, you know that album belongs in the golden place within the listener’s heart. That place where the favourite albums dwell. As I played Extraordinormal for the first time, I ended up listening to the album uninterrupted three times through and even then, I found myself still wanting to listen again. That voice, those lyrics, that sound… it’s gripping. Sauvage’s simple pop-rock melodies are played with a relaxed rawness and slight sneer making Extraordinormal a cathartic, and sometimes confrontational, experience. Her vocals are at once fuzzy and smooth, warm and gritty, vulnerable and taunting, one minute speak-singing, the next howling out gut-wrenching bellows. Snapshots of everyday life – the extraordinary and the normal – appear throughout the lyrics, often delivered with dry wit and an attitude. Sauvage’s vivid storytelling, along with the exceptional tracklist order and cohesive collection of songs, only makes you crave the album more. The more you listen, the more you fall in love. And that doesn’t happen very often.

24-year-old New Brunswick native, Vivianne Roy, aka Laura Sauvage, has shared – in her own words – the story behind the creation of each song on Extraordinormal with Stories Behind The Songs for the first of our Behind The Album, Track By Track series. Written over the course of a few months while she was recovering from a serious hand injury, the album was recorded within a week just north of Montréal. Her first full-length solo album, Extraordinormal showcases Roy’s primal and powerful vocal timbre in a way that stirs up your soul and leaves you yearning for another chance at digesting it all.


When we were teenagers, we would go to my friend’s aunt’s pool. Next door live a bitter middle aged cat lady (11 cats). She had the most mulletiest mullet and the most tanned, wrinkly, shiny, unhealthy looking skin.

I would see her at the town grocery store where I’d work an after school job.
She had a history of complaining about noise polluting neighbors. So, being shitty teenagers, we’d drive-by her place on our way to the lake and we’d keep the car horn blowing. Long story short – We decorated her front yard with x-mas decorations overnight and a year or two ago she was found dead in her home – EATEN BY HER CATS.


“Cyanide Breath Mint”

My friend Bing showed me ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE a couple years ago. When I was younger, I would love it when Beck would come on Much Music. I retained his name even though I was too young to know anything I was listening to / enjoying – I couldn’t read.

I remember growing up in elementary school and thinking to myself – I wanna make music someday until I can do something like he does. So, I covered this song ’cause it sooooo goooood.


“Have You Heard The Good News?”

I wrote this song when a friend and I went to a cabin to both work on our own little weekend writing retreat.

When I left my apartment that friday night, a lady named Pierette, left me a handwritten letter saying they had passed by my place and I must’ve not been there. They said they wanted to spread the good news.
I thought I’d bring it to the cabin as inspiration on a riff I had for a while.


“Jesus Wants to be my Buddy”

I wrote this song on tour with Les Hay Babies in Mase, Switzerland.

We smoked a joint in very clear view of a crucifix and the song came to me right away. In this song, Jesus is pretty much The Dude and he’s just trying to be cool and luring people to his eternal party. Hahaha


“White Trash Theatre School”

I was in Moncton after a Hay Babies soundcheck. We were chilling in a park with friends where a family oriented Acadian Party was being organized. Suddenly we hear in the best maritime accent “Oh fuck off, Deborah” Crackheads start fighting in front of everybody with no shame. My friend, Dano taught me the term – White Thrash Theater around that time. It all stuck to me. This song was also written on the same day as Have You Heard The Good News? So, it’s in a very similar satire vibe.


“Nothing to Something & Vice Versa”

This song is microscopic and astronomic. It talks about how we come from nothing yet everything evolves around us. It talks about superficialness and beyond. It’s a sci-not-fi that wrote itself. Plus, it has a theremini blowout where everything explodes back to nothing.


“No Direction Home”


Fuel = Pressure to create
Fire = Passion to create
Mary = The Madonna / Doing it for the wrong reasons / Whoring
It’s about being scared of waking up one day and not being able to write songs anymore.


“Fucker (Stole my phone)”

… Is self-explanatory.


Breaking off from something and regretting it almost immediately. No apologies accepted – having to deal with the consequence of self spontaneous combustion.


“Dying Alone”

I used to work at a call center and my hyper/what’s-the-worst-that-could-happen brain thought someone died on the phone while he was applying for a credit card. It’d be shitty die on the phone while applying for a credit card.

“You’ve Changed (Wild Session)”

Is about a friend that kinda got pulled into his own world and it’s regular for him now. We’d like him back…

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