SBTS PREMIERES: “Down On Me” – Peter van Helvoort

March 16, 2017

Canadian singer-songwriter Peter van Helvoort (formerly of Teenage Kicks) premieres the first of his solo work today on Stories Behind The Songs. Inspired by his childhood songwriting heroes Neil Young, Jim Croce and Cat Stevens, “Down On Me” is an intimate recording of a man documenting his time and the burden it places on its people. Rich in emotion and raw in its intensity, “Down On Me” is a fitting introduction to van Helvoort’s autobiographical songwriting style.

Peter van Helvoort shared the story behind “Down On Me” with Stories Behind The Songs:

“All of my music has always been very personal, perhaps to a fault, but I think this was probably the first song I wrote that kind of laid my faults out on the line in a way that wasn’t just about ME. The goal was to make an effort to show admiration for the person in my life who has to deal with the consequences of those faults. Throughout the song the response from my significant other is always the same, that person never comes down on me, their devotion never waivers.

I have a fairly significant back catalog of songs but I chose to release this song first because I think it really applies to the world we’re living in right now. We’ve been trained to live in fear, and this song tackles how I’ve personally dealt with that fear. When I really get sucked into a bad news day it makes me spiral and sometimes I can’t get out of that for days. This is the part that I hope can resonate with people, I understand the black holes that are depression and addiction. I’m my own worst enemy and it took admitting that I can’t face the darkness on my own to make it possible to have some good days.”


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