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The Unstoppable Wolf Alice | The SBTS Interview

July 7, 2015

Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice have one of the most exciting debut albums of 2015. The collection of songs that make up My Love Is Cool are exhilarating in their potential to gritty up the pop landscape. Sedated yet primal vocals, dominant drums and angst-infused fuzzed out guitar are reminiscent of the alternative grunge sound of the ’90s, while scatterings of bright guitar tones, shimmering cymbals and crystalline vocals soften Wolf Alice’s hard edges and gloss them up enough to be welcome in the pop world.

After emerging onto the scene last year, 2015 has been a whirlwind of success for Wolf Alice so far. They began the year with sold-out tours across the US and UK and a tour across Europe with alt-J (whose member, Thom Green, did a remix of “Moaning Lisa Smile”). Within days of its June 22nd release in the U.K., My Love Is Cool earned the No. 2 spot on Billboard’s U.K. Albums Chart just behind Florence and The Machine’s new album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. Riding high on the early success of their debut album, lead singer/guitarist Ellie Rowsell crowd-surfed for the first time at their performance at the Glastonbury Festival.

After chatting with Wolf Alice during their relentless touring schedule, it became clear that they are a true-blue indie rock and roll band. They are a collaborative band who put their heads down, work hard, and create music that is without artificiality. They are soaring on success but remain humble and focused on their goals. They aren’t trying to be anything or sound like anyone other than themselves. In short, Wolf Alice is all about the music.

Check out the panoply of the Stories Behind The Songs Interview with Wolf Alice:

Wolf Alice hail from North London, England and is comprised of Ellie Rowsell (guitar/vocals), Theo Ellis (bass), Joff Oddie (guitars) and Joel Amey (drums/vocals).

The band started out as a duo with Ellie and Joff playing acoustic sets in “shit pubs” about six years ago. Their sound evolved with the addition of Theo and Joel in 2012.

The story behind name Wolf Alice is as simple as semantics. It sounded good.

They don’t care if people label or categorize their music. They like the ’90s alt-rock genre and listen to it, but they don’t intentionally create music to fit into any specific genre.

My Love Is Cool doesn’t have an intentional theme and is more of a “best of” collection of songs the band has created over the past few years.

Lyrics are written by Ellie but the entire band jams together to create each song.

“Fluffy” was the first song the whole band wrote together.

Fans have strongly connected to “Bros” at their live shows. Watching audiences sing their lyrics back to them for the first time was an unexpected, amazing and humbling experience.

They weren’t too surprised that Thom Green from alt-J decided to do a remix of “Moaning Lisa Smile” because he had expressed an interest in doing something while they were touring together. They think he’s an amazing musician and one of the best drummers out there. 

They don’t think about Wolf Alice as being a “female-fronted indie band”. Although that’s technically what they are, they don’t think about themselves that way because they are always working and collaborating together.

Inspiration and little ideas for new songs have occurred while they’ve been touring but finding the time to write on the road has become their newest challenge.

What they want most is to write a second album and to keep improving as musicians.


Wolf Alice’s “Bros” and “Moaning Lisa Smile” were featured on the premiere playlist of the Stories Behind The Songs Playlist Series. Listen to Wolf Alice on “Songs of Summer”.

Wolf Alice is performing live in Toronto on October 3rd at Adelaide Hall.

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Instagram: @wolfaliceband        Twitter: @wolfalicemusic

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